Rooibos Goji Berry And Moringa Leaf Very Healthy No Caffeine Full Of Goodness Fantastic Taste


This new Rooibos replaces our Cherry and Moringa Rooibos and is I think even better. With Goji Berries being referred to as a ‘Superfruit’ and Moringa Leaf already up there as a wonder heath drink, combining these with this caffeine free famous Redbush tea has got to a perfect combination for the award of 2020 health drink of the year. It tastes and smells fantastic,

This blend also has dried date pieces and rose petals to add both flavour and visual appeal. Rooibos needs little introduction concerning its health-giving properties, but the Moringa Leaf is something still quite new to the tea drinking market, although it is recognised as being fantastically healthy. The leaves are packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements and minerals. The Goji Berry has many unsupported health claims including the story of Li Qing Yuen, a Chinese herbalist who sold Goji Berries, as well as consuming them daily, and he apparently lived from 1677 to 1933, 256 years! The Rooibos used in this blend is ranked ‘Super Grade’, the needles are long and even and are repeatedly sieved making this a grade above ‘Choice Grade’.

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