Peruvian San Martin Tabalosos Fair Trade Whole Coffee Bean Dark Roasted


I can’t resist Peruvian coffee and this great value Fair Trade coffee from the San Martin Region is delightful. Tabalosos is one of the eleven provinces that make up the northern region of San Martin. Up until 2005 the region was heavily affected by the drugs trade but has since moved on to become a beautiful agricultural and tourist area within the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, the region contains 3500 species of orchids. Dark roasted this is a wonderfully full-bodied brew with a great aroma. Cherries are picked and pulped at the farm being dried and delivered in parchment to Frontera’s dry-processing facility in Chiclayo where coffee from 27 different small-scale Co-operatives is processed. The export department is based here as well as another quality control laboratory with well-trained staff. This gives direct accessibility to the markets, thereby benefiting all the members in the co-operative.

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