Papua New Guinea Elimbari Estate A Grade Whole Coffee Beans Excellent Medium Roast Coffee


Mount Elimbari is the highest mountain in the Chauve region of Simbu in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The coffee bushes were first established back in the 1950’s, from seed specifically taken from the Typica variety collected from Jamaican Blue Mountain Rootstock.

The beans are pulped on the day of picking, and then given an extra day in the fermentation tanks before being sun dried. This all helps to give this coffee a particularly complex flavour of taste and as such does not need to be as dark roasted, as some Indonesian coffees need.

Along with the famous Sigri Estate, this coffee is one of the best to come out of Papua and we are pleased to be offering it.

Coffee is Papua New Guinea's most valuable agricultural export, with approximately one million bags per year being shipped worldwide. 

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