Lung Ching No1 Organic Dragon Well Loose Leaf Green Tea Highest Grade Available Traditional Chinese Tea


This famous green tea is produced in a small co-operative by the western Lake Xihu region near Lonjing, in eastern Zhejiang province, since the Tang dynasty. It is also known as Dragon Fountain Tea, after a legend about a rain-bringing Dragon. Lung Ching tea is rewarded with the highest title ‘Tea of the Emperor’. The top-quality leaves are gently wilted then carefully dried by hand in pans, producing a flat, emerald green leaf. This tea has one of the highest organic certifications and is monitored by independent eco-control centre based in Germany. The taste is fantastic, I finished my first cupful in three quaffs, my second infusion I forced myself be more cultured, despite changing from a china cup to a porcelain mug, and I sipped the tea. It is sweet and slightly buttery but with a defined green taste. I could drink this all day, truly lovely.

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