Kenya Peaberry Coffee Medium Roasted For Superb Flavour Famous Coffee


An unusual bean, this single origin Peaberry, also known as Caracoli (from the Spanish caracol for snail), from Kenya’s Central Province, instead of being two halves is a small whole berry.

Whilst this compaction is said to increase its flavour and aroma, from a grower’s point of view it only produces half as much coffee and there is no way of telling by looking at the cherry whether it is a single or a double bean. They have to be painstakingly hand sorted with a special sieve and although this obviously increases the price, Peaberry devotees feel the premium is worth it as the coffee for them packs a lot more flavour into the small bean than is found in the flat double beans.

This coffee has a fruity flavour and is prized by those drinkers who do not like their coffee too strong. The medium light roast brings out the best in these rounded beans, cooking them evenly all over for extra taste.

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