Kenya Peaberry Coffee Medium Roasted For Superb Flavour Famous Coffee


  • An unusual bean, this single origin Peaberry, also known as Caracoli (from the Spanish caracol for snail), from Kenya’s Central Province, instead of being two halves is a small whole berry.
  • Whilst this compaction is said to increase its flavour and aroma, from a grower’s point of view it only produces half as much coffee.
  • This often results in it being sold at a slightly higher price, even though it is actually a mutation and therefore in theory less desirable.
  •  This coffee has a fruity flavour and is prized by those drinkers who do not like their coffee too strong.
  • These Kenya Peaberries were harvested using a special sieve to painstakingly separate the small percentage of Peaberries from the more commonplace twin beans.
  • You will receive 90 grams of these roasted beans for £5.00 this will allow you to make 18 cups of coffee. Five grams per cup, the quantity of coffee used will be quite personal so these are guidelines only. This works out at 27p per cup.
  • At Gently Stirred every order is gift wrapped so if you're buying for a number of different people just add that information at checkout.

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