Kenya Asali Co-operative AB Grade Coffee Beans Medium Roasted For Superb Flavour


This wonderful washed coffee is grown in the foothills of the Aberdare ranges, which run from the Eastern border of the Great Rift Valley. Grown at 1700 metres, the beans are in March. The varieties are Bourbon, Kent & SL28. The varietal SL28 was originally selected in the 1930’s at Scott Laboratories out of 44 trees being studied for yield, quality and drought resistance. Recent genetic tests have shown the close relationship within the Bourbon group. The leaves of this SL28 are quite dark as are the cherries. The Asali Co-op has a membership of 155 farmers and produces 1200 bags each year. The beans after pulping are dried and any defects removed, this helps to give this particular crop a SCA Score of 84, putting it within the top 5% of coffee available.

Cupping notes; Powerful body with a gentle citric acidity and notes of blackberry jam flavours… A bit poncey but a lovely fruity coffee lovely with a chocolate biscuit, as I’ve just had.

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