Jasmine Organic Green Chinese Loose Leaf Tea Beautifully Scented Healthy Traditional Tea


We are pleased to introduce this fine quality China Jasmine green tea from controlled organic cultivation. Recent studies have shown that drinking Jasmine tea, which is high in antioxidants, has many immunity benefits. Fuzhou, Capitol of Fujian is the most important tea producing city in China. Due to the topography around Fuzhou it suits both the tea trees and the Jasmine plants. The tea leaves are harvested in early spring and stored until late summer when the Jasmine bloom. The flowers are collected early in the morning when tightly closed and the tea scenting takes place at night when they release their fragrance. It takes four hours for the tea to absorb the scent and this process is repeated many times. It takes three days controlling the moisture content of the leaves and continually moving and monitoring the leaves before the next scenting can occur. Fuzhou has 1,200 hectares of tea gardens and in 2019 produced just under 100,000 tonnes of Jasmine tea worth £203 million.  

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