Japanese Tamaryokucha Organic Loose Leaf Healthy Green Speciality Tea


Cultivated in the Miyazaki Prefecture on the Kyushu Island this Japanese green tea is subtly different to other Japanese Sencha type teas. Its other name is Guricha meaning curly-tea, in reference to the shape of the dried leaves. This tea is produced in limited quantities and is hard to find outside of Japan, harder still is an organically produced one. Whereas typical Sencha leaves are rolled into needle shapes these leaves are rolled into ‘comma’ shapes.

The caffeine level is typically low as with all Japanese green teas, and the preparation is similar to Japanese Sencha type teas, hot not boiling water, around 70oC and only infuse for a couple of minutes. You could try infusing at 80oC but only infuse for one minute. This lovely tea is milder and less astringent than typical Sencha and could be drunk throughout the day, re-infusing a few times. The taste is lovely and I can see myself drinking a lot of this rare brew.

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