Japanese Gyokuro Miyazaki Organic Precious Dew Loose Leaf Green Tea Stunning Healthy And Rare


Miyazaki Prefecture lies next to Kagoshima Prefecture on the southern Island of Kyushu. Miyazaki is the 4th largest tea producing area in Japan and the quality is universally high. Gyokuro teas come from bushes that are shaded by screens three weeks prior to plucking. This shading increases the chlorophyll content as well as the umami, lowering the tannic acid, raising the caffeine content, and lowering the astringency. The cultivation of good organic Gyokuro is extremely difficult but this one can give non-organic teas from Uji, famous for its Gyokuro teas, a definite run for their money. I loved it.

As with all Japanese Green Teas use only hot 70o-80oC water not boiling water and only steep for between one and two minutes, this wonderful leaf tea should produce at least three infusions.

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