Japanese Sencha Makoto Loose Leaf Healthy Green Tea One Of My Favourite Sencha Teas


This Sencha Makoto is a typical shade grown Japanese tea that is traditionally steamed to stop any fermentation. This wonderful ‘grassy’ green tea from the Fujiyama prefecture of Japan is harvested in the early summer, making this a second flush plucking.

The leaves have a sweet aroma and are a vivid jade green in colour. It is similar to a fine Gyokuro but the leaves are slightly coarser and not as uniformed in length.

I have made this tea with cooler water than normal to see what the effect would taste like on a second flush Sencha, although I allowed it to brew for a full two minutes. As you can see from the pictures, it produced a pale green coloured tea that was surprisingly less astringent than one would expect from a Japanese Sencha.

I would heartily recommend this tea for anyone venturing out into the wide field of Sencha teas.

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