Indian Monsooned Malabar Aspinwall Medium Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans Good Strong Flavour


Aspinwall is the largest exporter of Malabar Monsooned coffee. This famous Monsooned Malabar is one of the great coffees of the world, dark and smooth and full of distinctive flavour. a premium variety of coffee. Monsoon Malabar is unique to the Malabar coast of Karnataka and Kerala and has Geographical Indication (GI) and hence cannot be produced anywhere else. The process involves coffee beans being exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for three to four months, causing the beans to swell and lose the original acidity, resulting in a flavour profile with a practically neutral pH balance. Aspinwall export coffee for a great many other companies, as you can see from the sacks these were originally exported on behalf of Nestlé under their Nespresso brand. For whatever reason Nestlé didn’t require this fantastic premium coffee so it ended up back on the open market. Much as we obviously would prefer not to ‘work’ with one of the big boys, sometimes needs must. We do require Monsooned Malabar they didn’t, their loss your gain. Interestingly there is no market for this coffee in India. It is all exported.

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