Indian Harley Estate Karnataka Medium Roast Whole Coffee Beans Good Strong Flavour


I love Indian coffees and am pleased to offer a new introduction to our range. Harley Estate is situated in Sakleshpur in the historic Manjarabad region of Karnataka State. Founded in 1864 the Estate remained in British hands until 1950. The estate of 460 acres grows Coffea robusta Peredinia and Coffea arabica S 795, coffees as well as Cardamom, Areca and Vanilla. The cherries are and-picked and hand-sorted, then fermented, washed, and soaked. The water from the pumping station is drained into a larger tank where it evaporates leaving the skin and mucilage to be used as compost. All environmentally friendly measures are laid down by the pollution board and they have been strictly adopted. They only use organic fertilizers. The estate also provides free living quarters with free electricity, free education for the labourer’s children, free medical facilities, and  maternity benefits, and creche facilities as well as bonus and incentive schemes and holiday pay combined with above average wages.   

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