Huang Da Cha Big Yellow Tea Loose Leaf Traditional Chinese Imperial Anhui Province


We are pleased to offer a new Yellow tea, the Huang Da is the less expensive version of the Huang Ya. They both come from the same bushes but the production of them differ. The simpler and quicker production method makes this more a worker’s tea rather than an aristocrat’s tea. Huang Da is one of the famous teas from Anhui province and still is plucked with the bud and two or three leaves but also includes some stalks like the Japanese Twig tea. Due to the heavy roasting of the leaves it even smells and tastes like a Hoji Cha or Kukicha. The Huang Da is half the price of our Huang Ya Yellow Tips, but both are delightful in their own way. Yellow teas have quite low caffeine levels apparently only 10% of a typical cup of coffee. This would make a lovely after dinner cup of tea especially after an Oriental meal. Yellow tea has been produced for over 400 years but is rarely found in the west, as with all green, white and yellow teas they don’t want to be made with boiling water, hot around 80oC is perfect.

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