Fujian Hand Tied Sacred Flower Blooming Tea Man Tian Xian Tao Silver Needles White Tea


A beautiful handmade tea from Fujian province. When brewed the ‘Pagoda’ opens and gradually uncovers flowers of red Amaranth and Jasmine blossoms hidden inside.

Place a single artisan hand tied pagoda in a large glass teapot or large glass jar. It will initially float but this is normal. Use 85oC water and steeped for a minimum of five minutes or until the pagoda fully unfurls, adapt this advice to suit your personal preferences. You can get a few infusions from these pagodas.

The Fujian grown leaves are hand tied whilst they are still damp and pliable from plucking. The time-consuming process is highly skilled and uses leaves only from the beginning of the year, these are the famous Silver Needles leaves, well known from Fujian.

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