Darjeeling Gopaldhara Estate TGFOP1 A Beautiful Brew Drink Without Milk In-between Plucking


The initials of this outstanding tea mean Tippy, Golden Flowery, Orange Pekoe. making this is one of the highest quality teas available. The large leaf of this Darjeeling unfolds in hot water to release its wonderful full-bodied spicy flavour. With black or fermented teas, allow the leaves to gently infuse for two or three minutes according to taste. This plucking is known as an in-between and occurs between the first and second flushes. Naturally sharing characteristics of both, delicacy of the first but with more body like a second. Less well-known than the other two plucking they can be quite outstanding and are usually very reasonable in price. Ideally appreciate this tea without milk for its purity of flavour. Feel free to try a slice of orange rather than the more traditional slice of lemon and give yourself a ‘continental’ experience.

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