Nicaragua Superior Maragogype Giant Medium Roast Coffee Sweet and Spicy and Wonderful


    A Maragogype bean is indeed a ‘Giant’, also called an ‘Elephant’ bean because of its size. This strain of Coffea bush was first discovered in Brazil in 1876, near Maragogipe in Bahia. It is felt by some to be a cross between Coffea arabica and Coffea liberica. This coffee comes from the Jinotega region, which due to its remote location, has been the most war-torn region in Nicaragua for the last seven decades. Grown at altitudes of 1,500m on volcanic soil with plenty of cool mists, this coffee has an excellent reputation, although for obvious reasons it’s not readily available. The Maragogype doesn’t produce as many cherries as other varieties but it’s felt the flavour produced is much more intense; this would make a great espresso. This hand-picked coffee requires a lot of work for small return so some farms have abandoned it, again reducing its availability, however the flavour is mild and sweet, slightly spicy and quite lovely. Most Nicaragua finds its way to North America or Japan, but we are pleased to offer it from the UK.
    You will receive 70 grams of these roasted beans for £5.00 We also sell larger quantities of this coffee at a more economical rate, the price per cup will therefore be lower.

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