Malawi Satemwa Broken Pekoe Grade 1 Fair Trade Rainforest Alliance Loose Leaf Black Tea UTZ Certified


We love teas from the Satemwa Estate found deep within the Shire Highlands of Malawi. Malawi was the first African country to grow tea commercially, even before Kenya. This Estate will celebrate its centenary year in 2023. As well as growing wonderful speciality leaf teas Satemwa also grows CTC and Broken Pekoe teas for use by companies such as Lipton Yellow Label, Tetley and Pickwick, the largest Dutch tea company.

I brewed this tea at 100oC for two and a half minutes, I thought it was a good, full, malty and strong brew, I had mine black, but this would definitely go well with milk and would suit Assam lovers., I really can recommend this wonderful African Speciality, a definite ‘Tea Drinker’s Tea’.

In 2007 the Satemwa Estate became the first estate in Malawi to achieve Fair Trade status. Rainforest Alliance status followed soon after along with UTZ Certification. UTZ is a program and a label for sustainable farming, the UTZ Certified program covers good agricultural practices, farm management, social and living conditions, and the environment.

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