Georgian 2nd Flush Orange Pekoe Green Loose Leaf Rare High Quality Tea


For those who are interested in Georgian tea please read about in in our notes on the Black OP, that we also stock. We have been trying to get hold of authentic Georgian tea for years, contacting the Georgian Organic Tea Growing Association and sending off numerous emails. Finally, we have some and it is definitely worthwhile, they are both fantastic teas, the black is wonderful with or without milk and this green one is already on my favourites list. This second flush is harvested in May allowing for more leaves to be plucked than from a first flush, also I like the fuller taste you get from a later plucking. The processing follows traditional Chinese production methods, giving a rough large cut leaf that has been rolled when still containing some moisture before finally drying. With the leaves a little goes a long way, I put in more than I needed for my first brewing and am already on my sixth cup from the same leaves. A delightful tea and we are well chuffed to add this to our carefully selected range of world class teas.

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