Costa Rica Tarrazu Canet Fair Trade Micro-lot Whole Coffee Beans Dark Classically Complete


This Canet coffee comes from the Dota Coop Community, Dota meaning high mountain. The ‘Coopedota’ has an 860 strong membership specialising in micro-lots. This is a washed bean harvested between November and March and scores a good 85 by the Speciality Coffee Association. The beans are a mix of Catimor and Caturra and have combined to produce a coffee with, and I quote, “Cocoa, fruity, nutty taste with notes of tangerine-like acidity”, I suspect just what everyone is looking for in a cup of coffee. The Canet Micro-lot is limited to just 50 sacks of green beans each weighing 69 kilos. The Coop is located at Los Santos, in Tarrazu, Ramon Blanco, in 1929 built a small washing station, but in 1960 the growers, under the then name of Santa Maria went to the bank, received a loan, constructed a mill and created a cooperative, Coopedota, the rest as they say is history.

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