Colombian La Cumbre Valle del Cauca Black Emerald Organic Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea


A definite rarity, tea from Colombia. High in the West Andes, at elevations of 2000m in La Cumbre is found a plantation that has been growing for 55 years. Originally producing CTC grade tea as a low-priced crop, the plantation changed in 2013 to producing Orthodox leaves with help from Darjeeling growers. The Organic UTZ certified Bitaco Tea Estate, currently Colombia’s only commercial tea garden, is committed to preserving the ‘Andean Fog Forest Eco-System’ as well as running a community development program focusing on the education of local children. Tea plantations in Colombia were initially started in the 1950’s by the government with the aims of diversifying agriculture. The bushes originally came from Sri Lanka and Cambodia, they certainly enjoy the lush growing conditions found in La Cumbre. The leaves are quite large and twisted and produce mild, fruity brew that I found exceedingly enjoyable with no bitterness.

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