Colombian Finca Las Margaritas Pacamara Honey Process Medium Roasted Whole Coffee Beans


We love coffee from Café Granja La Esperanza and at a recent cupping sampled this delightful Pacamara Honey Process. Las Margaritas is one of three farms run by Granja La Esperanza and is located in Caicedonia, Cauca Valley. They have focused more on terroir and varietal, hybrids, cultivars and genetic development than any other grower in Colombia. The varieties grown include Mokka, (which is fantastic), Coffee leaf Rust resistant Gesha and the low caffeine Laurina variety.

The Giant Pacamara bean is a cross between the Pacas coffee bush from El Salvador, a compact growing variety of Red Bourbon and the Typica type large bean Maragogype from Brazil, first developed in El Salvador in the late 1950’s. The result is massive red cherries on a compact shrub.

Honey refers to the processing technique where the cherries are pulped, then dried on raised beds (like in African processed coffee) with their sugar-rich mucilage still intact, this sweetness is imparted to the cup. This Honey method up until recently was not allowed to be exported from Colombia as it was considered to be retrograde to the efforts of the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers, who have spent decades improving standards and who have encouraged the production of fully washed cherries.

The Finca Las Margaritas grows its trees at over 1500 metres, all the pickers are highly trained and skilled, with quality checks maintained throughout the process. The coffee when dark roasted is rich and powerful with a hint of sweet cherry flavour.

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