Colombian Excelso Swiss Water Decaffeinated Whole Coffee Bean Good Aroma Healthy


Colombian coffee is generally graded into five grades, Premium being the highest screen 18 equivalent to AA Grade, Supremo screen 17 also AA Grade, Extra screen size 16, Excelso screen size 14 with at least 50% screen size 15-16 and finally Peaberry screen size 12. This particular Excelso is traceable to being grown at 1400 meters, harvested between January and June and is from Caturra and Typica trees. When ripe the cherries are picked and go through a flotation process to remove unripe cherries and twigs, then pulped before going into the fermentation tanks, after 8 – 12 hours they are moved to the drying patios. The Swiss Water process is an organic 100% chemical free option for decaffeination. It was discovered in the 1930’s in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and has been commercialised by the Swiss Water decaffeination Coffee Company founded in 1988, based in Canada. It’s a lovely cup of coffee and you could easily be forgiven in thinking this was a normal, quality Colombian coffee.

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