Chun Mee Organic Loose Leaf Tea Original and Traditional Chinese Eyebrow Healthy Green Tea.


  • The fresh leaves of this Chun Mee are first steamed, for less than a minute, in large vats to kill fermenting enzymes.
  • They are then stacked in small piles and dried for ten hours, turning regularly. The leaves are rolled according to grade.
  • Chun Mee is Chinese for 'valuable brow' as it is said they resemble the eyebrows of classical Chinese beauty.
  • This Chun Mee green tea is one of the original types of Chinese Tea, produced and consumed this way for the over the past five thousand years.
  • It is said that tea was first discovered by the Emperor Shen Nung when a leaf fell into his bowl of hot water.
  • This organic green tea is produced in south-eastern China near the river Yangtze.

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