Chocolate Turmeric Herbal Blend Infusion Tisane Healthy Tea Caffeine Free


This blend combines roasted apple pieces, broken Cacao Nibs (25%), Turmeric (20%), Cocoa Shells (15%) and whole Green Cardamom. It makes for an elegantly tart chocolatey note, due to the generous amounts of Cacao Nibs and Cocoa Shells. This is all perfectly accented by the strong Turmeric and spicy Cardamom.  It smells delicious and will have you putting on the kettle on double quick time. I brewed this for five minutes with boiling water and felt that it was perfect, obviously play around and find your own preference. The taste is wonderful, and I am a bit of a take it or leave it when it comes to herbal infusions, but this really is delightful.

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