Chai Tea Organic Spice Blend Loose Leaf Classic Best Quality Ayurvedic Healthy


We have introduced this lovely Chai tea to enable us to blend it with our Pai Mu Tan White tea. We feel it is lovely with or without the White Peony White tea. The blend consists of Cinnamon pieces, Ginger pieces, Black Peppercorns, whole Cloves, Fennel, Turmeric slices, whole Cardamom, Raspberry leaves, and pink Rose petals. This lovely relaxing and warming tea brings a pleasant feeling and has an intensity of spices that last for a long time. Quite delightful. Chai is a Hindi word simply meaning ‘Tea’ coming from the Chinese ‘Cha’ and is also found in the Japanese ‘Cha’ as well. It has made it to England as in a ‘Cuppa Cha’. However, in India it refers to a typical black cup of tea to which has been added various spices. This tea obviously has no added black tea and so is therefore caffeine free. Wonderfully healthy this tea can be drunk any time of the day.

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