Ceylon Vithanakande Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe A Wonderfully Flavoured Brew Traditional


The New Vithanakande Tea Factory is positioned near the Ratnapura district with around 6000 small-holder tea growers in its vicinity. The Ultra-modern equipment plus age-old skills produce a high-quality black tea. The aim of the factory is to produce a prestigious ‘Pure Ceylon Tea’ provided to the consumer in the shortest possible time whilst enabling a healthy price for the small holders as well. This Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe is a combination of wiry and less twisted leaf with a few golden and silver tips. For a BOP, the leaves are quite long making a strong flavoury cup that is aromatic and of a reddish colour. Initially I put more in the pot than usual, this proved unnecessary as it is quite high in tannins.  Even when I added milk for Helen, she still said it was too strong. However, when I put my usual amount in and brewed for 3 minutes it was a lovely cuppa. Helen loved the flavour. 

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