Brazilian Mantiqueira de Minas Yellow Bourbon Grota Funda Whole Coffee Beans


Fazenda Grota Funda is found 5 km from one of Brazil’s most famous coffee towns, Carmo de Minas. The farm is situated in the hills of Serra da Mantiqueira at an altitude of 1100 meters, above sea level. The farm has consistently been recommended by COCARIVE, the Regionion Cooperative of Coffee Growers of Rio Verde, due to their continual improvements and specially run programmes that train the workers in quality and cleanliness. The ripest fruit is hand selected and pulped on the same day then laid out to dry. Care is taken to ensure an evenly thin layer of beans can uniformly dry before being rested in wooden bins prior to milling. I love the Bourbon variety of Arabica coffee and although there should be no reason enjoy Yellow Cherries, I’m not convinced there should be any difference between a red cherry or a yellow one, possibly I like it because they are not often grown. I’ve dark roasted this delight and it really is a wonderful sweet fruity coffee with no acidity and slight nutty taste. Scores an 83 SCA so quite good really.

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