Assam Hatidubi TGFOP Fu Soonga Smoky Loose Leaf Rarity Black Tea Quality Brew


Well, this is a rarity it is a Smoked tea, but done in an Indian style rather than a Lapsang Pine smoked tea. The Hatidubi Tea Factory have produced Assam’s first smoky tea, smoked with local wood, the smoke is blown (Fu) along bamboo canes (Soonga) onto the drying tea leaves. This gives a mildly smoked tea, that is totally unique. We had a difference of opinions concerning this tea, Helen loves Assam’s but dislikes smoked teas, but was willing to give it a go, the best she could come up with was ‘It’s all right but not my cup of tea’. I on the other hand enjoyed it, the smokiness is delicate rather than Lapsang strength and because the wood used it not Pine, didn’t have that resinous quality to it. Definitely a tea worth trying.

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