Thailand Choui Fong Green Tea A Healthy Green Tea From A Rarely Sourced Country


  • Apparently whilst a large proportion of Thailand produces tea based on imported know-how from Taiwan, the growing of this particular tea is purely Thai craft-work, the selection of the leaves is by professional specialists from former Formosa.
  • From 1,200 meters above sea level, the Chiang Rai Garden has been established for over forty years.
  • These nicely ripened hand-picked tea leaves, show themselves as premium quality.
  • Long, rough rolled, anthracite coloured with some silvery tips, the dried leaves curling, quite naturally into beautiful shapes.
  • The flowery scented tea has plenty of body and the taste lingers on the tongue.
  • In the words of Helen, “it’s a bit Japanesey.” Which I take to be quite good, I certainly found the tea wonderfully refreshing and indeed a premium beverage.
  • You will receive 60 grams of this tea for £5.00 this will allow you to make 30 cups of tea. Two grams per cup, this can even be re-infused, giving two or three times as many cups. This works out at less than eighteen pence per cup much less if re-infused.
  •  At Gently Stirred every order is gift wrapped so if you're buying for a number of different people just add that information at checkout.

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