Burmese Myanmar Catuai Whole Coffee Beans Dark Roast Honey Process Unusual Great Taste Rare


British Missionaries in 1885 were the first to introduce coffee growing to Burma. It was not a successful venture and was left alone until the 1930’s when Catholic Missionaries introduced Arabica coffee plants to the Shan States. The coffee industry was slow to establish until around 2003 when political change allowed a greater incentive for investment. Production doubled within the following decade. We have dark roasted this coffee to heighten the wonderful flavours found within most Indonesian coffees. The Catuai is a dwarf variety of Arabica, selected by the Instituto Agronomico in the 1950's – 1960's and now accounts for 50% of the coffee acreage in Brazil. Catuai is a high yielding coffee plant resulting from a cross between Mundo Novo and Yellow Caturra. The fruit does not fall off the branch easily, which helps when there is strong winds or rain or where wind breaker coverage is at a minimum, it does mean that the coffee is generally hand-picked.

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