Brazilian Daterra Sweet Blue Medium Roasted Whole Coffee Beans Rainforest Alliance


We are glad to be able to offer another superb Daterra coffee. This Sweet Blue scored a whopping 86 with the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America) denoting very good quality. 65-80 is a Commodity coffee for supermarkets, blends and instants. 80+ denotes a speciality coffee with 90+ being called Presidential and is made up of less than 1% of the speciality level. This Sweet Blue is made up of Bourbon and Catuai cherries that are processed Pulped Natural referring to the process of removing the skin of the fruit only and leaving all the fruit pulp adhering to the beans during drying, it was first coined in Brazil and is the equivalent of ‘Honey Processed’, hence the term Sweet when describing this coffee. The blue refers to the colour of the beans when finally processed. This is a Rainforest Alliance coffee as is all the Daterra produced coffee. The cupping notes for this coffee are “Mild acidity and body with typical nutty and chocolate flavours, with toasted almonds and sweet chocolate finish”.

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