Green Rooibos Organic Loose Leaf Herb Tea or Tisane A Super Healthy Drink


Green Redbush, (or should that now be Greenbush?) is even higher in antioxidants than the Red Redbush. This unfermented type contains much higher levels of polyphenol antioxidants. (Fermentation destroys some antioxidants). The unfermented type was developed to maximize antioxidant levels in response to recent interest in the health benefits associated with the antioxidants found in Camellia sinensis teas. Unfermented Rooibos tea is a tan/yellow colour rather than the rich reddish colour of fermented Rooibos.

Green Rooibos contains high quantities of a powerful anti-oxidant that mimics SOD (super oxide dismutase) activity, the most aggressive natural protection against free radical damage.

Apparently, due to one of the anti-oxidants called Chysoeriol, circulation is improved and blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been lowered.

Mineral absorption is increased, due to the lower level of tannins, when compared to other teas.

Combined with the lack of caffeine and the high mineral content of this tea, anxiety and nervousness are decreased, so calmness and sleep are improved.

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