Thailand Jin Xuan Jade Oolong A Very Special Loose Leaf Tea


This exceptional green Oolong tea can easily match or indeed excel those famous Jade Oolongs teas from Formosa.  For over 50 years this tea has been grown and produced in a garden at the foot of the mountain Doi Phayapai, in northern Thailand. The original plants were imported from the Taiwanese highlands, home to Jade Oolongs, the growers worked with Taiwanese producers to help make improvements to the end product. These fine, hand-rolled, dark leaves are the highest selection from this garden and they make a glowing lime-coloured cup with an exceptional flowery scent. The intense flavoured tea is smooth with a noticeable sweetness and a delightful aftertaste.

I have brewed this tea at a couple of different temperatures and for a couple of different times, Initially I tried the typical 90oC that one would for an Oolong and steeped for two minutes, my second infusion was at 75oC for two minutes and both were wonderful if different experiences, this is one of those teas that I would suggest you experiment with. You can definitely get three infusions from these leaves and if you infuse at the lower temperature the fourth infusion is still delightful.

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