Japanese Sencha Gyokuro Asahi Precious Dew Loose Leaf Green Tea Stunning Healthy And Rare


Most Japanese teas are called Sencha; a term used to describe the leaf, also called 'Natural Leaf', as they are usually whole-unrolled leaves. These leaves grown in the shade of broad-leaved trees are three weeks prior to plucking, shielded by marsh-reed screens, increasing the chlorophyll content and intensifying their colour. The leaves also develop less tannic acid but for some reason increase in caffeine content.

This Asahi is quite a rarity and is only the second time we have ever had it. I love it and feel it is one of the best teas that we sell. This most refined of Japanese tea is said to require an educated palate to savour its rare delights but I think everyone should try it. 

As with all Japanese Green Teas use only hot between 70 and 80 degree Centigrade water, not boiling water and only steep for between one and three minutes, this wonderful leaf tea should produce at least three infusions.

You will receive 20 grams of this tea for £5.00 We also sell larger quantities of this tea at a more economical rate; the price will therefore be lower.

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