East Frisian Selected Broken Pekoe Loose Leaf Black Assam Tea Good With Milk Or Cream


East Frisia or Eastern Friesland is a coastal region in the northwest of the German state of Lower Saxony, between West Frisia in the Netherlands and North Frisia in Schleswig-Holstein. In an otherwise coffee drinking country, East Frisia is noted for its consumption of tea and its tea culture. With an average consumption placing them just behind the UK in world rankings. This strong black tea is served whenever there are guests, at any gathering, as well as with breakfast, in the mid-afternoon, and mid-evening. Their Tea is sweetened with Kluntjes, a rock candy sugar that melts slowly, allowing multiple cups to be sweetened. Thick cream is also used to flavour the tea. The tea is generally served in traditional small cups, with little cookies or sweet cakes. This blend comprises mainly of strong, malty Assam leaves.
You will receive 80 grams of tea for £5.00 this will allow you to make between 40 and 80 cups of tea. Two grams per cup, this can be re-infused a couple of times. This works out at between twelve pence and six pence per cup. We also sell larger quantities of this tea at a more economical rate, the price per cup will therefore be lower.

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