Decaffeinated Sweet Orange Blossom Black Tea Loose Leaf Quality Blend Traditional


This is a new tea for us and I suppose is a type of Earl Grey, well similar anyway. This decaffeinated high quality black tea blend has had orange peel and orange blossoms added to it plus a small amount of oil of orange. The tea is decaffeinated using the CO2 high-pressure method, one of the most up-to-date processes for tea decaffeination, giving a pure, harmless, chemical free result allowing the delicate flavours and aromas to be thoroughly enjoyed.

I brewed it for between three and four minutes at 100oC. I get a second infusion from it although it is a little weaker. This is one of those teas that you could add milk to if you so desired, obviously personal choice, a slice of orange or kumquat would make for a complimentary garnish.

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