Pai Mu Tan Golden Tea Balls Gift Box 12 Hand Pressed Balls Fantastic Present


A wonderful gift for someone special. Pai Mu Tan leaves are pressed with the gentle addition of steam into perfectly formed balls. Similar to Beeng Cha Tea Cakes, they are then wrapped in golden foil. Once unwrapped they are then placed into hot water where they slowly unfold producing a wonderful soft, sweet, light flavoured pure green tea. Pai Mu Tan has many health benefits and tastes fabulous, it is our ‘go-to’ drink and we drink more of this tea than any other. You will receive twelve of these Golden Tea Balls in a beautiful gift package. A wonderful present or a treat for yourself.

You will receive 12 balls of this tea for £7.50 this will allow you to make a dozen pots of tea. Each pot can be reinfused many times.

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