Lanxi Mao Feng Chinese Traditional Green Tea Loose Leaf Healthy


  • Lanxi Mao Feng Green Tea is harvested near Lanxi City in the Zhejiang Province. The growing conditions here are perfect: moist climate, abundant rainfall and naturally fertile soil.
  • Mao Feng is only picked within a specific forty-five day period that culminates with the Qingming Festival, also known as the Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-sweeping Day that falls on either the 4th or 5th of April, depending on the lunisolar calendar.
  • As with all high quality teas only the bud and one leaf are plucked, these leaves are then hand rolled and then ‘baked’ to prevent fermentation.
  • Like all choice green and white teas, hot and not boiling water is preferable.
  • For this Lanxi Mao Feng I have used slightly cooler water around 65-70 °c, brewed for just two minutes so I could sample the very delicate nuances of this attractive and unusual Chinese green tea.
  • The tea has a wonderfully fresh sweet ‘grassy’ taste that is both remarkably refreshing and leaves a lovely after-taste. 
  • You will receive 65 grams of tea for £5.00 this will allow you to make 32 cups of tea. Two grams per cup, each cup can be infused three times. This is less than seventeen pence per cup.
  • At Gently Stirred every order is gift wrapped so if you're buying for a number of different people just add that information at checkout

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