Kekecha Golden Dragon Yellow Tea Loose Leaf Traditional Chinese Tea Very Rare And Special


  • Yellow tea is traditionally a special semi-fermented type of white tea and is somewhat comparable to an Oolong.
  • This tea results from a similar process to other white teas, but with an ‘unhurried’ drying phase where the damp leaves are dried slower and are said to sit and 'yellow', giving it an aroma totally different from green or white teas.
  • Due to the moisture content of the leaves and the long drying time a small amount of fermentation occurs with this yellow tea, this is carefully monitored by the tea artisan who controls it.
  • Despite being a speciality of Anhui, Sichuan and Hunan provinces, this Huángchá (literally Yellow Tea) is still rarely found and was said to be reserved for Buddhist Monks and Emperors.
  • The process of production of this Kekecha is historically kept secret, and produces a tea high in antioxidants, low in caffeine and particularly high levels of catechin, it is these factors that primarily makes green teas so widely adopted as a health promoting measure.
  • This remarkably rare yellow tea has a multi-coloured leaf , which for my first infusion, I brewed for three minutes at 75oC.
  • It had a subtle aroma and a full bodied but delicate fresh palate, quite light but a refreshing silky taste.
  • My second infusion was at 80oC and produced a deeper apricot coloured cup, I suspect the slow production giving it a sweeter and riper flavour than other Chinese white teas.
  • You will receive 30 grams of tea for £5.00

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