Cascara Santa Rosa Honduras Coffee Cherry Tea Fruit Infusion Low Caffeine Rare


Coffee Tea is a sort of oxymoron as it is neither, the cherry part is more specific as this is a fruit infusion or Tisane. Made from the cherry that surrounds the coffee bean, Cáscara in Spanish translates into English as either shell, rind, husk or skin. It is absolutely packed with antioxidants, according to the National Institute of Health it’s ranked as having ten times more than pomegranate or tea. It contains only a quarter the caffeine content of coffee. The sun-dried cherry husks are lightly toasted and rarely exported, so we are quite pleased to have something unusual and interesting.

This Cascara comes via the Beneficio Santa Rosa de Copan. Two sacks came into the UK and we bought one of them, quite a limited supply.

I used a level spoonful and prepared mine in a cafetiere using boiling water. I steeped for four minutes and found the resulting brew quite an earthy fruity taste, the second infusion was lovely too, adjusting for personal taste, my favourite was when it had gone cold so I might try a cold infusion overnight in the fridge.

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