Jamaican Blue Mountain Sir John's Peak Estate Grade 1 Whole Coffee Beans Geisha Superb Quality


This lovely genuine Blue Mountain coffee comes from the Sir John’s Peak Estate, founded in 1990 by the Ramsay-Salmon family. The Estate is at an altitude of 5000 feet, with just 50 Acres in production, and employs up to 20 seasonal and full-time workers. Donald Salmon is the current (2021) President of the Jamaican Coffee Growers Association. The choice of Arabica plant grown on the estate is the famed Panama Geisha (Gesha) varietal. After winning numerous awards this variety has been hailed as ‘perhaps the most valuable coffee in the world’, (source Wikipedia) due to its ‘exceptional’ quality potential. The berries are pulped and washed on the Estate and then sun-dried for up to 10 days. The beans are then stored for up to 10 weeks to get the correct moisture level, then hulled and polished, sorted and graded. These are grade 1, the highest grade, screen size 17+. The cherries are hand-picked between April to November, the sub-tropical climate and volcanic soil provide the ideal growing conditions, plus great care, and attention to detail in production culminate in this fantastic high-class coffee. With a flavour profile of Nutty, Sweet, Fruity, and Orange Peel, this really is a world class coffee.

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