Brazilian Minas Gerais Fair Trade Decaffeinated Whole Coffee Beans Medium Dark Roast


  • This Fair Trade decaffeinated coffee has a gentle acidity with a soft and mild flavour in common with most Brazilian coffee.
  • A shade grown Arabica coffee sourced from the plateaus of the Central Cerrado area of the South Western state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.
  • This traditional Bourbon decaffeinated coffee has a low acidity with balanced flavour and has a medium body. 
  • Minas Gerais with an area of over a quarter of a million square miles is larger than France and Corsica combined.
  • Astonishingly Brazil has three states even bigger!
  • Minas Gerais is the main coffee (and milk) producing area in the country, over 505 of all Brazilian coffee comes from this state.
  • Originally this part of the Brazilian Interior was colonised by Portuguese settlers and fortune hunters searching after gold, first discovered in 1693, and later diamonds which occurred throughout the area.
  • The term minas is Portuguese for Mines. By 1697, enslaved African labour was being used to open up the interior and build cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and construct roads joining them with the city of Ouro Preto, (Black Gold).
  • In fact Black Gold would be an excellent name for this lovely coffee.
  • You will receive 100 grams of roasted coffee beans for £5.00

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