Kenya Marynin Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf Black Tea Very Rare Orthodox Leaf


  • African Orthodox leaved teas are quite rare, virtually all African teas are CTC or Fannings for tea-bag production. There are only a handful of Gardens offering leaf teas and the Marynin Estate is one of the best, in the district of Kericho on the edge of the South-western Mau National Reserve. Kenya is the fourth largest producer in the world. The bushes are clonal plants developed by the Applied Research Department of African Highlands. The leaves are plucked by hand early in the morning, removed to the factory in Sousa and then rolled. The flavour is aromatic, sweet and slightly smoky a perfect English Breakfast type tea. A lovely tea that takes milk well but that is again personal. The Kenya Tea Development Agency, KTDA, established in 1964 was developed to promote establishment of small-scale farmers and helps champion social responsibility activities and promote corporate social investment projects.

  • You will receive 70 grams of tea for £5.00.

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