Rwanda Rukeri Plantation Silver Needles White Tea Rare and Unusual Very Special


The Fujian Yin Zhen Silver Needles is said to be worth its weight in gold, however having just looked up todays price for gold per kilo on Google it stands at over £31,000 which would buy you an awful lot more Silver Needles than just a kilo. This African ‘copy’ comes in around the same price as the Chinese and is produced in the same way maintaining the tradition of “Imperial plucking”. The bushes are found in the Rulindo district of northern Rwanda and are found growing between 1700 and 2000 metres. The Silver Needles are made from only the buds, hand-picked by specially trained pluckers from selected tea bushes. The buds are then transported in specially fabricated containers to the factory. Plucking is carried out only in the early mornings for Silver Needles. In the factory air is passed through the buds under close supervision until they turn to the silver colour. The drying takes between 36-48 hours. I absolutely loved the delicate taste of this wonderful tea, better than Yin Zhen?

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