Ethiopian Harrar Longberry Organic Fair Trade Whole Coffee Beans Dark Roast Strong Good Depth


I believe it must have been over a decade since we last had this coffee. Although this is a different beast from our last cupping, Fair Trade and Organic for a start plus this is quite unusual in being a washed rather than natural or as it’s also called dry processed. Oddly it is always spelt Harrar however the coffee comes from the famous walled city Harar. According to UNESCO it is the ‘fourth holy city of Islam’, with 110 mosques, three dating from the 10th century, Longberry beans are the largest available and differentiate them from Shortberry which are smaller or Mocha which are peaberries. Harar is where the original ‘domesticated’ coffee plants were first from and was famous for its coffee as early as the 16th century. Its biggest boom time was during the 1800’s. Ethiopian Harar is recognised as a specific named varietal of Coffea arabica, and is a trademarked name owned by Ethiopia along with Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. We have dark roasted this in a twist from the traditional medium roast as it has a great body with depth and strength, unusual perhaps best seen in our Wild Forest coffee from Ethiopia. This makes a great espresso with a natural foamy crema and not a Robusta in sight. I am so pleased we have this coffee back in stock and has become my go to in our kitchen. 

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